Great Things Ahead

Great Things Ahead

Hey Church Family,

You have heard me reference Vision25 often in recent months and I wanted to take a moment to let you know that your staff and deacons have been meeting and praying a lot about what we believe the Lord is doing in our church now and even more excitedly what we believe is coming! We believe the Lord is taking us through a time of preparation for some great things to come in the next year. This is what vision25 is about. That being said these great things mean some great change. In the coming months we will be doing some building renovations in preparation for this along with additional changes like our recent website and others. We are also incredibly excited about something the Lord led me to begin pursuing this past fall and want to ask you all to join us in prayer as we make preparations to bring this announcement to the church. As your staff and deacons have been praying we anticipate being ready to present this all to you in August and I’m so excited about this that is hard for me to not spill the beans now! Just pray for us to have wisdom and discernment as we continue to move forward in all the Lord is calling us to! Also pray because Satan isn’t going to be happy about all we see coming for Lakeview and spiritual warfare is a very real thing but praise God that despite the schemes of the devil… Jesus is greater and God has chosen to work through our prayer!

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  1. Uhl Debbie

    Praying for you and the church. That you lead us as only God would have us to go. August really? Are you trying to teach us patience ? Hard to make us wait, you are teasing us! Just tell us😇😇😇lol Know I am praying for you and the staff for Gods will to be done in your life and in Lakeview Baptist. Have a blessed summer!

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